AbbyWinters – Cleo C and Liza K – Feet Play


AbbyWinters – Cleo C and Liza K – Feet Play – Cleo and Liza sit on the couch while playing chess when their hands delicately touch. Looking into each other’s eyes, they smile and passionately begin to make out. Cleo’s hands move towards Liza’s breasts, grabbing them firmly while Liza’s hands caress softly Cleo’s pubic region, turning them on more and more.

Laying down on all fours, Cleo closes her eyes and exhales deeply as she feels Liza’s fingers caress her vulva from behind and begin to finger her already wet pussy. Squirming and moaning in pleasure, Cleo turns around while Liza spreads her legs wide apart inviting Cleo to lick her vulva while she holds her head against it.

Added on: October 26, 2020