PureTaboo – Anna De Ville – More Than She Bargained For


PureTaboo – Anna De Ville – More Than She Bargained For – Fletcher (Jayden Marcos) and Evelyn (Anna de Ville), a couple, approach Fletcher’s summer home. As they stroll along, he boasts about the various homes his family has, making it very clear that he has a lot of wealth. It also becomes very clear that Evelyn wants in on that wealth as well…

As they amble to the front door, it’s revealed that they’re getting the keys to a yacht, though Evelyn seems a bit impatient and nervous. They think the house is empty but it turns out that Fletcher’s stepdad, Harrison (Chris Epic), is inside. Evelyn isn’t pleased, although Fletcher seems oblivious to this.

After sitting down, Harrison asks about Evelyn, discovering that she’s a very new girlfriend. She tries to charm Harrison but he is a bit wary of her. Meanwhile, Fletcher seems unaware of their dynamics, insisting they need the yacht keys, which has Harrison curious. Evelyn quickly tries to lie but Fletcher blurts out that they want to check out the yacht as a possible wedding venue.

Harrison is surprised and there’s a bit of tension between him and Fletcher since this is news to Harrison. Evelyn jumps in to try and defuse the situation, which only makes Harrison more suspicious of her. Finally, Harrison asks Fletcher to go fetch something to celebrate their engagement with.

After Fletcher leaves, Harrison confronts Evelyn. He is calm and transactional as he tells Evelyn he knows what she’s up to… He KNOWS she’s a gold-digger. He’s willing to look the other way and let Evelyn teach his stepson a lesson about being too trusting — only if Evelyn gives him a blowjob.

Evelyn is surprised but eager to buy Harrison’s silence, so she eagerly gives him a blowjob. But everything’s about to be thrown into turmoil as Fletcher returns much sooner than anticipated…

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Added on: April 26, 2022