BellesaFilms – Casey Calvert – I’m All Done


BellesaFilms – Casey Calvert – I’m All Done – When Casey runs into her ex boyfriend at a mutual friend’s party, she’s amused to see that he’s still up to his old tricks, capturing the eyes and ears of every woman in the room. Being on the other side of it, she can look at the way he works a room with admiration, almost. His undeniable charisma and charm…she can finally appreciate it for what it is. It’s a craft, really. A seasoned skill. When the two run into each other in the bathroom, that same witty banter they used to exchange comes right back, so effortlessly. So does their sexual chemistry. Casey enjoys the power she still has over Michael- and uses it to orchestrate exactly what she wants to happen.

Added on: October 8, 2020

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