CherryPimps – Lulu Chu – Passing The Petite Test


CherryPimps – Lulu Chu – Passing The Petite Test – Lulu Chu is ready to be a petite model but first needs to be measured up. Alex Legend is a hard judge though and does not think that she is right for the job. Getting a spot on a porn movie can be tough. Lulu thinks she has every right though showing Alex that she has the drive to do whatever it takes. She gets down on her knees quick sucking Alex off in the best way. She just might have the skills for the job but it will take more than a blow job. Alex studies her pussy up close and sees how it can handle his tongue and big hard cock! Lulu moans out loudly taking it all. She loves and takes every inch of that dick! Lulu passes her audition after that hot performance!

Added on: November 25, 2020