AdultTime – Chloe Surreal – Slumber Party Caught Cutie


AdultTime – Chloe Surreal – Slumber Party Caught Cutie – Chloe Surreal is at her friend’s house for a slumber party, and it’s time to brush her teeth. Chloe is acting silly and goofing around for her own entertainment, listening to music through her headphones and dancing around in her underwear, pretending her toothbrush is a microphone while she assumes nobody is watching. She is unaware that her friend’s parent, Tommy Pistol, was walking by and has spotted her dancing…

Tommy spies on her as he eyes her perky butt wagging to the music, and smiles to himself. At first, he’s simply watching because he’s amused by her cute, youthful energy, but as he continues to spy he starts to become aroused, fondling his package over his pants.

Eventually, Chloe notices that Tommy is there, and he’s deeply embarrassed to be caught – but to his surprise and delight, she doesn’t seem to mind his perving, and even wants to have sex with him!

Actors: Chloe Surreal
Added on: October 26, 2023