MyPervyFamily – Chloe Temple – I Told My Mom


MyPervyFamily – Chloe Temple – I Told My Mom – I (Brian OMally) am talking to my bud about my likely pending divorce – yeah, she caught me cheating. Anyway, I’m out there in front of my pool when my stepdaughter Chloe Temple comes out in a tiny bikini. She wants to talk, apparently she has something to confess. She tells me SHE is the one who ratted me out to her mother! She says I don’t spend enough time with her & that if I need somewhere to bury my cock it should be inside her tight pussy! She takes out my fat dick & blows it before letting me squeeze her perky little tits. Her pussy is soaked as she greases my cock riding it. She sucks all her juices off it like a good girl. I take her somewhere more private & bend her over. I fuck her hard making her orgasm on her stepdad’s cock. She let me creampie her hairy pussy & then I told her to get a birth control pill before I get in more trouble!

Actors: Chloe Temple
Added on: April 7, 2022