MomLover – Crystal Clark and Demi Diveena – Nice Guys Get To Finish


MomLover – Crystal Clark and Demi Diveena – Nice Guys Get To Finish – Crystal Clark and Demi Diveena are enjoying some girl time as Crystal’s stepson, Jay Romero plays video games. Jay listens to them chat for a bit before announcing that he wants to fuck them both. Demi and Crystal step away for a huddle, where they decide that they should teach Jay a lesson. They’re going to tease him and wind him right up before saying that only nice boys get pussy.

The lesson begins as they pop Jay’s cock out and begin stroking it. When the girls draw back and Jay protests, though, Demi realizes that she wants him anyway. After all, she likes bad boys! Crystal pouts as she watches Demi suck Jay off until she decides that fuck it, she’s going to join in for a double BJ.

When Demi takes things one step further and climbs onto Jay’s hardon, that just makes Crystal want to do the same. Demi enjoys a stiffie ride, then helps Crystal slide down for a reverse cowgirl ride. Crystal keeps on getting her pussy pounded as she lays on her back with Jay above her and Demi muffling her cries with some face sitting. Crawling on top of Crystal, Demi kneels as Jay dicks her down in doggy. As he realizes that he’s about to cum, Jay shoves back into Crystal so he can give his stepmommy a big fat creampie.

Added on: August 23, 2023