FakeHostel – Zaawaadi – My Cheating Ebony Girlfriend


FakeHostel – Zaawaadi – My Cheating Ebony Girlfriend – Lovers Cage and Zaawaadi go on a relationship affirming vacation, and stop off at the Fake Hostel for a night of rest. After passing the Landlord’s temperature test, Zaawaadi and Cage are led to their room. Stripping nude, Cage heads to shower to prepare for sexy times. Zaawaadi gets started without him, and starts to play with herself. Her moans attract the nefarious Landlord, who slides between her thighs to lick her pussy. Zaawaadi notices it isn’t her boyfriend eating her out, but the Landlord does such a good job she doesn’t care! Standing him up, Zaawaadi gives the Landlord a deepthroat blowjob, then lets him fuck her and eat her ass! Zaawaadi has such an intense orgasm that she lets the Landlord finish with a facial… just in time for Cage to catch them.

Actors: Cage, Steve Q, Zaawaadi
Category: FakeHub.com, FakeHostel
Added on: March 7, 2021