GirlsWay – Gia Derza, Vanna Bardot and Bunny Colby – Slutty Study Session


GirlsWay – Gia Derza, Vanna Bardot and Bunny Colby – Slutty Study Session – Two friends – Bunny Colby and Vanna Bardot – are about to watch a lecture as part of the online course they’re taking. They are sharing a laptop and will be on the webcam throughout the lecture. They lie down on their bellies facing the laptop, but then Bunny’s pesky stepsister Gia Derza comes in to bug them. They shoo her out before the lecture, giving her permission to do ‘literally’ anything other than bug them. This gives Gia a mischievous idea!

As Bunny and Vanna focus on the lecture, Gia sneaks behind Vanna and rubs her pussy. Vanna is shocked but has to remain composed and hide her pleasure from the professor, as Gia begins doing increasingly sexual things to her. Vanna loses her cool briefly as Gia eats her pussy, but the professor doesn’t notice anything going on. Bunny doesn’t notice either… yet.

Right before the professor calls for a fifteen-minute break, Bunny finally realizes that Vanna is getting eaten out by Gia, but Bunny has to keep her cool on camera. When the break begins, Bunny closes the laptop and confronts Gia. But it’s hard to stay angry, because Gia offers to finish what she started… by pleasuring both of them! In order for them to be able to concentrate again, Bunny and Vanna agree. With that, they all strip down and have a sexy threesome, with lots of kissing, stroking, and licking. Now THAT’S something worth studying!

Added on: April 11, 2021