GirlsWay – Laney Grey and Jessica Ryan – Obsessed Assistant


GirlsWay – Laney Grey and Jessica Ryan – Obsessed Assistant – Jessica Ryan is a busy businesswoman who relies on her loyal assistant, Laney Grey, to help keep things running smoothly. But she’s surprised that day when Laney tells her that there are NO business meetings scheduled. It seems odd to Jessica, and she suspects that something is amiss, but Laney wins her over with ease. It looks like they’ll be spending the day together catching up on odds and ends!

Days later, everything seems to be going smoothly again and work has picked up. Because of this, Jessica wants a second assistant. Unfortunately, Laney informs her that none of the proposed candidates for a second assistant worked out. This makes Jessica even more suspicious that Laney might be up to something…

When Laney shows up uninvited to her house on a Saturday night to deliver a file, dressed rather sexily, Jessica finally confronts Laney about her odd behavior. It just seems like that Laney is trying to get closer to her than any boss and employee should be!

That’s when Laney finally caves and admits that she DOES want to get close to Jessica in a more intimate way. She’s been orchestrating things so that they can spend more time together… She just admires Jessica so much and can’t help herself around her!

Jessica is shocked to hear all this but is afraid of losing a good assistant to such… distractions. She then realizes that there’s only one way to get rid of these distractions once and for all!

Added on: March 28, 2021