GirlsWay – Maya Kendrick and Nadia Noja – Nailin It


GirlsWay – Maya Kendrick and Nadia Noja – Nailin It – Beautician Maya Kendrick is at work when her colleague Nadia Noja comes back from break. She tells Maya that she just found out about a nail technique called a lesbian manicure. Maya tells Nadia that she’s familiar with it. In fact, it’s one of her specialties, and as a lesbian herself, Maya always tries to have a lesbian manicure. Maya then suggests that Nadia practice that type of manicure so that she can perform them on clients.

Maya guides Nadia through the steps of the manicure before she suggests that Nadia practice giving her one. Eager to learn, Nadia agrees. Once Nadia is finished giving Maya the manicure, Maya is very pleased with Nadia’s work, insisting that Nadia is a natural.Maya then mentions that she forgot to tell Nadia the real purpose of a lesbian manicure. But -Maya adds seductively- instead of telling Nadia, it will be much more fun to SHOW her.

Maya’s going to teach Nadia a lot more than just how to give a manicure!

Added on: May 6, 2021