GirlsWay – Whitney Wright and Eliza Ibarra – Don’t Mind Me


GirlsWay – Whitney Wright and Eliza Ibarra – Don’t Mind Me – Whitney Wright is getting ready to leave for the weekend. She’s on her way to a gaming tournament! Eliza Ibarra, her roommate, is excited because that means she has the one-room apartment all to herself. Finally, Eliza will have some alone time… special sexy alone time, of course!

But life is full of surprises, so later that same day Whitney returns home, her flight having been canceled. She is shocked to find Elizamasturbating, LOUDLY! They each have set times to have the apartment to themselves and this weekend was Eliza’s turn. A deal’s a deal, so Whitney agrees to not bother Eliza, distracting herself with video games.

Whitney tries to play video games to distract herself while Eliza stubbornly masturbates in the background. Whitney struggles to keep the other gamers from overhearing Eliza, but those sexy noises become increasingly difficult to ignore! Eliza notices and beginsto be bolder, sitting right next to Whitney while continuing to masturbate. Eliza eventually throws a leg over Whitney’s lap while still masturbating. Whitney finally stops playing the game as lust consumes her, so Eliza invites her to have sex. They begin kissing and sucking on each other’s breasts. It’s time for this gamer to score!

Added on: December 31, 2020