AdultTime – Jewelz Blu – Crush Closure


AdultTime – Jewelz Blu – Crush Closure – Anna Claire Clouds is having a serious chat with her fiancee, Seth Gamble. It turns out that Seth recently admitted to having a crush on another woman, Jewelz Blu. He’s a bit embarrassed about it, but Anna is reassuring. She tells him not to worry- it’s okay if they’re attracted to other people at times. It shouldn’t have a negative impact on their own relationship.

As Anna probes a bit into why Seth has the hots for Jewels, it’s revealed that they went to high school together. She was always a bit different, but Seth always found her to be pretty in a unique way. He was always shy in high school, so he never dared to talk to her or make a move. But maybe… today will be different.

That’s right… Anna has invited Jewelz over so she and Seth can make love right then and there. There’s a condition, though… Anna gets to watch it all happen from the sidelines. Seth is surprised, but once he sees the sultry look in Jewelz’s eyes, and the encouraging one from his fiancee… He dives right in, living out a high school fantasy he never thought would happen.


Actors: Jewelz Blu
Added on: August 27, 2023