MommysBoy – Katie Morgan and Reagan Foxx – Such A Thoughtful Boy


MommysBoy – Katie Morgan and Reagan Foxx – Such A Thoughtful Boy – Reagan Foxx chats with her stepson Juan Loco, who is on his way out. He says that he’s going to visit an ‘older lady’, Katie Morgan, who has just moved into the neighborhood. Juan has offered to help Katie with some chores, such as cleaning her pipes. Reagan is proud that Juan is helping who she assumes is a sweet old lady.

Days later, Reagan has dinner ready, but she realizes that Juan is over at Katie’s house helping her again. Juan has been over there every day this week. Reagan decides to go over to Katie’s house and surprise them with dinner. A short time later, Reagan walks up to the front door of Katie’s house holding a casserole dish. She knocks, but no one answers. Deciding that Juan and Katie must be so busy they can’t hear her, she decides to try a different door.

Reagan manages to find an unlocked door, and is shocked to see Juan and Katie (who is NOT an old lady) having sex! It becomes clear that THIS is what Juan has been doing when he refers to ‘helping’ Katie. Reagan is angry, and accuses Juan of lying. However, he insists that he never said Katie was an old lady… he just said she was old-ER, as in older than him. And he’s definitely been helping with ‘cleaning her pipes’.

Reagan is still angry, and tries to get Juan to leave with her. But Katie gets flirty with Reagan, inviting her to join them for a threesome. Reagan isn’t sure that’s a good idea, but Katie tells her that Juan has been taking SUCH good care of her, and she’s sure he could take good care of Reagan too. Reagan gives in to temptation, and the two ladies kiss, then share Juan’s cock. It looks like Katie is really going to enjoy being in this neighborhood!

Added on: March 17, 2022