MYLF – Kiki Klout – Rewarding Naughty Nicky


MYLF – Kiki Klout – Rewarding Naughty Nicky – To prove he’s a good stepson, Nicky cleans the place while his stepmom Kiki is hard at work. He definitely wants to impress her, so he does a thorough cleaning in every corner of the house. Yet, when he gets to his stepmother’s room, he accidentally bumps into her underwear, triggering his wildest fantasies about her. Thinking he still has time before she comes back, Nicky jerks off while sniffing Kiki’s clothes, but she comes to find him masturbating on her bed. After the initial shock, Kiki decides to make her stepson’s wet dream come true by sitting on his cock, as a recognition of his hard work around the house.

Actors: Kiki Klout
Category:, MOMDRIPS
Added on: September 3, 2023