GirlsWay – Lauren Phillips and Alexia Anders – Lonely Spring Break


GirlsWay – Lauren Phillips and Alexia Anders – Lonely Spring Break – Alexia Anders sadly looks over a social media post of her friends partying without her, when the doorbell rings. Her visitor turns out to be Lauren Phillips, an older neighbor and friend of the family. Lauren is stopping by to check on Alexia, since her parents are on a trip. They’re happy to see each other, and go inside. Lauren notices the social media post that Alexia was looking at. While Alexia claims that she is TOTALLY fine, Lauren can tell that something is wrong.

Lauren asks why Alexia didn’t go on the spring break trip planned with her friends. Alexia confesses that she got into a huge fight when she tried to flirt with her friend Tracy, something she’s never done before. Alexia explains how these new lesbian feelings have started to surface as she’s gotten older. Lauren reveals that she is also a lesbian, which surprises Alexia but upon further reflection makes sense.

Lauren reveals that she had a similar experience to what Alexia is going through when she was in college, developing a crush on a friend. As Lauren continues to talk about her experiences, Alexia becomes both fascinated and aroused, and she compliments Lauren’s beauty and sparks a mutual attraction between them. Alexia apologizes for showing some attraction to Lauren, especially given their close bond, but Lauren encourages these feelings.

Lauren asks if Alexia has ever thought about HER in intimate ways, to which Alexia admits that she has, but always thought it was because of their bond. Lauren points out that if you keep your feelings bottled up without expressing them, you’ll never truly understand them. Lauren offers to let Alexia have a lesbian sexual encounter with her, but asks Alexia to promise to not EVER tell her parents. Alexia agrees, and they kiss, playfully touching their tongues together. As they undress and explore each other’s bodies, it becomes clear that Alexia’s spring break won’t be quite so lonely after all!

Added on: April 29, 2022