MyFamilyPies – Leana Lovings – Putting In Some Work For My Stepsister


MyFamilyPies – Leana Lovings – Putting In Some Work For My Stepsister – Ivi Rein has the hots for her stepbrother, Codey Steele. When Codey walks in, she realizes she can kill two birds with one stone: She can taunt Codey with her tits and get him to do her chores at the same time. Later, Leana asks for help with her chores a second time. Codey tries to say no, but gets distracted daydreaming about Leana getting naked and humping the broom…

When Leana finally gets Codey out of his daze, he realizes that he’s got his hard dick in his hand and is jacking off. He’s embarrassed, but Leana just sees a path to getting everything she wants. Shoving Codey onto the bed, she crawls on top of him to suck him down and then deliver a nice big titty fuck. Soon Leana has peeled off her clothes so Codey can do her right.

She takes him on her back for the first thrusts, then rolls to her side for a spooning fuck. Getting to her knees, Leana rocks backwards to enjoy a doggy style pussy pounding. When Leana gets Codye on his back, she crawls on top of him and goes for broke riding in cowgirl. She won’t quit until her stepbrother has pumped her full of cum, which both scratches her sexual itch and extracts his promise that he’ll do her chores.


Actors: Leana Lovings
Added on: September 14, 2023