PureTaboo – Penny Barber – Rock Bottom


PureTaboo – Penny Barber – Rock Bottom – Monica (Penny Barber) and Jared (Robby Apples), a married couple at the peak of their success, are celebrating moving into their new house when they get some horrible news. The cryptocurrency market has crashed, putting their entire livelihoods up in the air. Suddenly, the dream they were living becomes nothing but a neverending nightmare.

A few months later, Monica and Jared are in dire straits, having been fired from their company not long after the crash. They’re getting desperate, with none of Jared’s recent investments paying off and nobody wanting to hire them. That’s when Jared gets an idea: what if Monica became an escort? It COULD be a way to temporarily help them get back on their feet. Monica is disgusted and feels betrayed that Jared would suggest such a thing, though bitterly agrees to think it over…

Months later, it’s revealed that Monica took Jared’s suggestion. Since they are now back on track, Jared wants to go back to their old lives and revive their old dream. But to his horror, Monica doesn’t want to go back at all since she’s been THRIVING. Monica demands to know why she should risk HER success to try to get back her old life, which ultimately put her in this mess in the first place?

Jared makes a last, desperate plea for Monica to change her mind, but she spits it back in his face. THIS is her dream life now and she refuses to have everything stripped away from her again. She’s successful and has all the skills she could ever need that will NEVER let her down. That’s when Monica decides to put her sniveling husband in place by SHOWING him just how talented she REALLY is.

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Added on: August 22, 2023