Pervmom – Jenna Jones – Business Bitch Bonage


Pervmom – Jenna Jones – Business Bitch Bonage – Traveling is supposed to be fun, but Jenna Jones stepson has nothing to do in their hotel room. Jenna wants to rest before her big meeting, but he is so bored he cannot keep his eyes closed. She gets out of bed and he sees her perfect ass in her little black thong and gets an idea of how he can amuse himself. So, before she leaves the room for her business meeting, he gets her to suck his cock. A couple days later, he is laying in bed when Jenna gets up and starts to get ready for work. He pretends like he is still resting so he can watch her get dressed. When she is done, he gets up and she tells him she has a big business meeting and her nerves are all in a bunch. He tells her he knows how he can help her relax. Then, he gives her the most relaxing dick down of the century. The next day, he comes back to the hotel room and sees Jenna lying on the bed in a sexy dress. She tells him she just came from dinner with a client and could not stop thinking about him. He is excited as she dims the lights and gets herself ready for another amazing fuck sesh. Then, she tells him he fucks her better than his dad ever does. So, he climbs on the bed and fucks her with everything he has until he busts his load all over her!

Actors: Jenna Jones
Added on: August 5, 2020