Pervmom – Lily Lane – I Need My Stepsons Swimmers!


Pervmom – Lily Lane – I Need My Stepsons Swimmers! – Lily Lane is in that part of her life where she can feel her biological clock ticking. Honestly, it kind of freaks her stepson out, but the lucky part for him is that she is on the prowl for anything that can get her preggers. His dad is shooting blanks, though, so her only hope is his fat cock. With great cock size comes great responsibility, and that responsibility is for this stepson to fuck his stepmom in the bathroom and cum inside her cougar pussy. After he busts, his stepmom tells him that whenever he can go again, he should just let her know. She needs his little swimmers to do their job and deliver her a baby. So, when he passes by while she is doing laundry later, he tells her his dick is ready to rock. She gets ready in a second and slides his big baby maker inside her. She really wants his juice! Later on, Lily is on her stepsons ass again! Can you believe this woman? He already came twice today, and she expects his meaty cock to rise again. But like any responsible stepmom, she puts the work in. She shows him her sexy ass, wiggling it and shaking it for him like she has been taking lessons at the strip club. Well, that is enough for him because before long he is ready to go! This stepson loves eating his stepmoms ass and fucking her from behind. I wonder if he is this enthusiastic about the rest of his chores!

Actors: Lily Lane
Added on: July 24, 2020