Pure Taboo – Athena Faris – Only Yourself To Blame


Pure Taboo – Athena Faris – Only Yourself To Blame –

Angry Dad Punishes Daughter By Demanding That She Spank Herself

The scene opens on 18-year-old Athena Faris lounging on her bed when she gets a video call from her step-dad Stirling Cooper. Athena is surprised but answers it, asking how his weekend business conference is going. Stirling is FURIOUS and says that the work conference WAS going well until he talked to a coworker. This coworker is the father of one of Athena’s friends, and told Stirling that his daughter and Athena both got tattoos last night!

Athena is shocked but tries to play innocent, lying and saying that she doesn’t have a tattoo! She tries to calm him, pulling down her shirt from her shoulder to show her bare skin. ‘See, Dad? NO tattoo.’ But that’s not enough for him and he demands that she show him EVERYTHING. Athena tries everything from playing dumb to acting defiant to desperately pleading, knowing that if she takes off her clothes fully, she’ll be caught in her lie. Stirling ignores her pleas and orders her to strip or she’ll be kicked out of the house. Athena is upset but reluctantly begins stripping, knowing that she’ll soon be caught.

It’s clear Stirling is enjoying the stripping, but as soon as he sees the tattoo, he becomes furious again. Since he’s not there to punish her himself, he tells her to spank herself.

Athena may not like it, but she only has herself to blame…

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Added on: August 1, 2020