PureTaboo – Penny Barber – Swapping Sexualities


PureTaboo – Penny Barber – Swapping Sexualities – SCENE OPENS to the doorbell ringing, and Gail (Penny Barber) and her husband Steve (Draven Navarro) eagerly approaching the front door. Before they open the door, they share a quick conspiratorial look. Gail then opens the door, revealing that the person on the other side is Eric (Tony Sting), who is holding a suitcase. They warmly welcome Eric into the house, and he sets his suitcase down on the floor. Eric is an exchange student who will be staying with Gail and Steve, a Canadian couple. Eric says this is his first time traveling, and that he’s looking forward to learning about Canada. As Eric is about to be guided to the room where he’ll be staying,he is startled when Steve touches him in an overly friendly way.

A little later that day, Eric goes into the kitchen and is shocked to find that Gail is cooking with just an apron covering her otherwise naked body, and Steve is in just his underwear as well.

Steve and Gail convince Eric that their state of undress is normal, and invite Eric to give it a try. After some hesitation, Eric removes his shirt, which pleases Steve and Gail. Gail and Steve each put an arm around Eric, and Steve says they should eat now. Everyone looks happy.

Days later, Eric waits for the bathroom in just his underwear. He seems to be getting used to life with Gail and Steve. However, he gets another surprise when Gail and Steve come out of the bathroom completely naked.

Steve notices Eric’s surprised expression and explains that showering together is normal for them. He puts his arm around Eric’s waist and offers that one of them can shower with him sometime if he wants to try that. After all, he seems to be adjusting to life here really well. Eric pauses thoughtfully for a moment, then smiles and says’maybe’, adding that it IS pretty funny how this place is WAY more relaxed than back home. Eric then excuses himself, stepping into the bathroom and closing the door behind him.

Still in the hall, Gail and Steve smile at each other, pleased.

A few days later, Eric sits down between Gail and Steve on the couch to watch TV. Eric seems completely used to their affectionate touching and touches them in return.

Gail and Steve inform Eric that they have something to tell him. They explain that they are both bisexual, and want Eric to stay and be bisexual with them. Eric is taken aback, but Gail and Steve manage to convince him.

Eric is learning MUCH more than he ever expected in his new home…

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Added on: October 10, 2021