AdultTime – September Reign and Lulu Chu – Feed Me Episode 3


AdultTime – September Reign and Lulu Chu – Feed Me Episode 3 – Sally (Lulu Chu) doesn’t want her parent Celeste (Julia Ann) to find out that she just had a wild threesome with Billy (Alex Jones) and Ryan (Damon Dice), so she rushes the two men out the door. Sally also realizes that Dr. Petit (Tommy Pistol) was obviously right about the thing inside her craving semen, so she goes back to him for help.

Dr. Petit runs some more tests, and comes up with a solution that he thinks will help… for now. But Sally’s relief is short-lived, because when she returns home it turns out that Celeste found out about the threesome, and she kicks Sally out of the house.

Sally’s best friend Heather (September Reign) kindly lets Sally stay at her place. Sally decides to tell Heather what’s been going on, explaining that something is inside her, and it craves sex. Heather is a lesbian, and offers to help Sally by having sex with her. Sally is hesitant because she’s straight, but Heather convinces her it’s worth a try. But can lesbian sex really help sate the hunger inside Sally, or will it make things worse?

Added on: September 20, 2023