SexArt – Stacy Cruz – Sweet Nipples


SexArt – Stacy Cruz – Sweet Nipples – Gorgeous brunette Stacy Cruz is baking, but Maxmilian Dior is more interested in her “Sweet Nipples.” As Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie begins, the lovers are hanging out in the kitchen, flirting and touching amorously. Max is on his cellphone but Stacy has the perfect way to get his attention back where it belongs, lifting her shirt and drizzling honey over her beautiful breasts. Max finishes his call at once and laps the sticky sweetness from Stacy’s nipples, sucking until she’s squirming with pleasure. Moving to the bedroom, they kiss hungrily, Max lavishing attention on Stacy’s magnificent breasts. He peels off her tight yoga pants and eats her pussy voraciously, giving her a powerful orgasm. Stacy strokes her man’s rigid cock as she guides it into her wet pussy and he starts to thrust vigorously, her leg up on his shoulder so he can go deep. He strums her clit as he fucks her to one peak of pleasure after another, her cries mingling with the slapping sound of skin on skin. Stacy turns onto her knees so Max can drill her doggy style, his hands on her bouncing breasts. After an intense series of climaxes, they switch to reverse cowgirl and she slides up and down Max’s slick shaft until he pumps her full of hot cum.

Added on: March 10, 2021