MommysBoy – Shay Sights – A Poke Behind The Curtain


MommysBoy – Shay Sights – A Poke Behind The Curtain – Jayden Marcos is sitting in the living room watching his stepmom, Shay Sights, put up some new curtains. He can’t help but stare at her ass and lick his lips, apparently quite horny. When Jayden confesses his attraction to Shay, she is pleasantly surprised. Although this situation is SUPER naughty, she can’t help but be turned on by this young, hormone-filled teen. She invites him over to her with a look of pure lust in her eyes.

They embrace near the curtains, with Shay promising to ‘take care’ of Jayden’s hard, young cock. They take their time, exploring each other’s bodies with extended foreplay, and then get down to some energetic sex. At one point, Jayden’s other parent, Eric John, comes home, surprising them. Jayden and Shay hide behind the curtain so that only Shay’s head is poking out. She maintains a conversation with Eric while Jayden fucks her from behind, and Eric is never the wiser.

Once Eric leaves, Jayden and Shay continue their adventure on the couch, leading to an incredible climax. Though those curtains really brighten up the space, they’ve certainly found another use besides interior decorating. Take a peek behind them some time and you might just see why!

Added on: May 12, 2022