X-Art – Isabelle – Sex Fashion And Blindfolds


X-Art – Isabelle – Sex Fashion And Blindfolds – When he entered the room she was already wet. Something about wearing a blindfold always turns her on. Maybe it’s the tender touch of rose pedals on her soft skin. Maybe it’s her heightened sense of arousal. He moved slowly at first, caressing. Then her lingerie was shed in a few graceful flicks of the wrist. Savoring the moment, she let her legs fall open, inviting him in. Playful lovemaking ensued. She sucked his cock until it was hard as a rock. They took turns pleasuring each other. When it was finally time to fuck it was for both of them, mutual pleasure and mutual fun!



Actors: Isabelle
Category: X-Art.com
Added on: December 11, 2020