Xev – Xev Bellringer – But You’re My Brother


Xev – Xev Bellringer – But You’re My Brother – Your little sister stumbles into the bedroom in an inebriated stupor, giggling to herself as she immodestly strips her party clothes off in front of you. Did she forget that the two of you were sharing a room for the weekend? Her nearly naked body lay sprawled next to yours, that big ass pushing toward you as she moans about her boyfriend Johnny… but is she talking to you? Your sister pulls herself close to you. Too close. She is entirely oblivious of her soft nipples slipping out of the bra, inches from your face. And how hard it makes you… to finally look at her that way. Her words are slurred, inhibitions lost… and she is completely tipsy with lust for you. Or at least, who she thinks is her boyfriend. Her hand reaches down to fasten around your stiff cock, pumping it up and down. Your sister loosens her grip as she begins to drift to sleep. This might be your only chance, you shake her awake. “Touch me” she whimpers, rubbing her own pussy through the panties. Your hand finds her warm, soft crotch. Your sister moans in delirious pleasure as you straddle her and massage her clit until she cums. Giggling, she unclasps her bra to let her big breasts spill out and pulls you in. You kiss her deeply, cock pushing into her belly as you lay on top of her. A strange expression crosses your sister’s face, she mumbles that it’s like she’s kissing her brother. You can’t let her back out now, so you shut her up with a hard kiss again. It’s enough to remind her of how much she wants your thick manhood between her legs. She takes you into her wet pussy… nothing has ever felt so good in your life. Your own sister begging for your cock, and finally taking it. Maybe she doesn’t know it is her brother who’s fucking her… but does it really matter? That soon changes when you moan her name out loud. Even in her tipsy state, she hears it. Her brother’s voice. But now is not the time to stop. You won’t let her. She will take your cock and your load. After all, she shouldn’t have started something she couldn’t finish..

Actors: Xev Bellringer
Category: XEV
Added on: December 12, 2020